M010E : Anyone’s a Musician in the Digital Age

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In the digital age, making computer music is more reachable than it has been, yet people of the older generation are still very daunted by it, even though they would love to be part of it.


This course aims to enable the participants to learn how to make music on their own using a laptop or as simple a device as a tablet. Garage Band, a free application with any Mac computer or tablet will be introduced to make simple jingles that can be use a ring tones.



Learning Outcomes – You will be able to:

  • Acquire the basic knowledge for music creation without any music theory.
  • Use the basic digital tools for music creation without any technical jargon.
  • Make a small piece of jingle using digital tools.
  • Load a soft copy of the jingle to the smart phone as a ring tone.

Course Facilitator

Ching Kwock Wing / Rashid Ibrahim

Mr Ching Kwock Wing has over 20 years of expertise in corporate strategies, governance, product planning and management, sales & marketing, business development and customer relations management. He has been also lecturing in universities and conducted numerous training seminars throughout China. Kwock Wing obtained his Master of Science, Industrial Engineering and was a recipient of the prestigious Colombo Plan Scholarship of the British Commonwealth.


Mr Rashid Ibrahim is a career professional holding managerial roles in MNCs. He is also a qualified music producer and sound engineer. Rashid has developed programs which simplify music production and audio content creation as trainings for organizational and individual learnings. He holds an MBA from National University of Singapore; BA from Tufts University (USA); and Accolades from Berklee School of Music and Audio Masterclass (UK).

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7 Hour/s


Peninsula Plaza Level 6 #06-33

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