CS0008 : 工作之外的“生命指南” (A “Life Compass” For Life Beyond Work)

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生命指南”是一套思维方式。在自然 (nature),个人(self),财富(wealth),与 环境(environment)这4个分野之间,航行于来自于生命的挑战,以及你工作之外的 人生之间。



  • 重新调整现在的人生规划,采取步骤改变对于将来的思维方式。
  • 建立明智的人生计划(SMART)。
  • 使用“生命指南”的工具与自然的规律相连接,检验个人,采取行动去成就财富,同时 应对外界对环境的影响。
  • 追求 “生命指南”的 生活目标。
  • 做个道德崇高的人。
  • 建造和谐的环境。
  • 将个人向自然调准。
  • 过健康满足的生活。


Ms Henny Goh

Ms Henny Goh started doing business at the age of 25 venturing into Building Materials, Food & Beverage, Health Slimming Products etc. She is the author of the “Life Compass” book that was published in August 2017. Henny volunteers as a trainer for JA Singapore and has facilitated in several Rotary training programs. She has also facilitated in U3A workshop for the elderly.

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21 May 2020 9am-5pm

04 Jun 2020 9am-5pm

02 Jul 2020 9am-5pm

13 Aug 2020 9am-5pm

03 Sep 2020 9am-5pm


7 Hour/s


Peninsula Plaza Level 6 #06-33

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