Keeping Your Money Safe for Your Retirement Years

Money is an important part of our lives and it is an important asset to protect in your retirement years. With the growing era of digital transactions, there is a lesser need for hard cash. This opens the doors to con-artist and scammers who have taken advantage on these quick changes to steal your hard-earned money. This course aims to raise awareness and care needed in digital transactions and will keep you updated on the different forms of cashless online and mobile transactions. Real cases of cyber security, fraud and scams will be shared and tips provided on how to guard against thefts and scams.


Learning Outcomes – You will be able to:

  • Understand essential ways and care required to keep the retirement money safe.
  • Discuss on real cases of cyber security, fraud and scams.
  • Understand the techniques of cashless digital cash transactions and take measures to manage risks.


Course Details. (Course will be conducted in English)

Dates/Time Run 1: 22 Aug 2019 (1pm-5pm)
Run 2: 19 Sep 2019 (9am-1pm)
Run 3: 29 Oct 2019 (1pm-5pm)

Run 4: 12 Nov 2019 (1pm-5pm)
Duration 4 hours (4 hours over 1 session)
Venue Peninsula Plaza Level 6 (Room TBC)
Fees $19.44 $6 [Promotional Price] (with NSA Subsidy) / $72 (Individuals)
Pre-requisites for NSA Subsidy 50 years old and above, Singaporean or Singapore PR


Trainer Profile:

Ms Elsie Chua is the former Chief Marketing Officer of Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. She brings over 30 years of Marketing, Operational and General Management experience in media, retail, fashion and sporting goods. Elsie holds a Master of Business in International Marketing and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Management.


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Time: 10 weeks

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